Pricing and Package Informationi

We offer two packages that will fit any budget:


Number of Photos

Deluxe Package

Basic Package

Up to 50 photos
1 Song



51- 75 Photos
1-2 Songs



76-100 Photos
2-3 Songs50- 75



Price Includes One Disc

1-50 additional disc $5.00ea

50-100 disc $4.50ea


Basic PackageBasic Package

Our Basic Package consists of your photo slideshow set to your choice of music.
Photos are scanned and inserted as they are received with no editing but they will be cropped to eliminate unsightly borders.
  • Standard fade transitions between photos/slides
  • No text will be added to slideshow to separate chapters or list dates.
  • No special effects, (Rotation, zooming, toning etc.) will be added
  • Main Menu or title included
  • Custom DVD packaging

Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe Package consists of your photo slideshow set to your choice of music.
Photos will be edited:

  • Red-eye removed
  • Contrasting or lighting corrected where possible
  • Blemishes removed
  • Text will be added (Names, dates, comments or favorite poem(s) etc.)
  • Transitional text as lead in or to separate chapters (See sample anniversary video)
  • Custom transitions
  • Rotation, layering and zooming to accent and compliment photos
  • Video clips will be processed and added to slideshow
  • Custom DVD Packaging

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the start of every project.
The additional 50% will be collected upon final viewing of your DVD slideshow.
Photos sent on a disc do not need to be scanned
There is a small fee of 35 cents per photo for scanning photos sent to us directly and will be returned with shipment of finished order.

Please ship photos properly packaged to avoid damage. Preferably USPS insured w/proof of delivery

DVD Duplication
We  will gladly duplicate any non-copyrighted  DVD
(No Offensive material please. See our policy)
1-50 copies $5.00ea
51-100 Copies $4.50 each



Dazzling Impressions reserves the right to refuse to duplicate or process any offensive or illegal material without any liability to those who ignore this policy.